Come join the Blessed-n-Lucky Revolution! You are here on this planet to enjoy your life! A life where you team up with the Creator to fulfill your wishes and desires, and help move the world into a place of grace and gratitude.   Buy Book

I would like to invite you on a hero’s journey…a journey where you remember your own magnificence. If you’re going through a phase where you’ve forgotten where you put your joy, the examples of manifestation in this book will boost, inspire or at least amuse you. What did you want your life to look like when you were a little kid? How have those dreams evolved and transformed? I’m here to remind you that yes, you are truly blessed and lucky, right here, right now and each and every moment hereafter. Blessed even when there’s pain, or loss, or sorrow. Remember?!

Oh! You don’t know. I’m a Queen of Manifestation. I’m under the protection of a compassionate and generous universe. My inner guidance will lead me where I need to be. You’ll see. 

Is the Law of Attraction working for you? Do you feel blessed and lucky? Do you wish you knew someone who consistently manifested her desires successfully to show you exactly how it all works? Come meet Sharena, the first person I ever met who made it look easy. Let the examples in our book “Blessed-n-Lucky: Become a King or Queen of Manifestation” help guide you into your own magic.

Noticing Your Blessings

What a wonderful book!  Counting your blessings daily is so easy and uplifting.  What a lovely way to put yourself in a positive frame of mind and continue attracting positive energy all day!  Also, I discovered that there is more to attracting blessings.  So many books & seminars tell you how to set goals, but rarely offer examples of specific steps to achieve them.  Terri shares stories that demonstrate what works and what doesn’t so we can learn by example.  The examples of how friends actually achieved their desired blessings made it easier for me to begin doing the same in my own life.

Blessed PLady March 27, 2018

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Terri Trainor has enjoyed writing from the moment she wrapped her left hand around a pencil. The pleasure of creating new worlds was only trumped by the joy of making this one more pleasant and efficient for those around her. This led her into a career in computer programming, which got her wondering: can we re-program our own internal software? Our thoughts? Our feelings? Create better, happier outcomes for ourselves? This exploration led directly to writing “Blessed-n-Lucky: How to Become a King or Queen of Manifestation”.

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