Book Excerpt

On a balmy winter evening at a wood-paneled bookstore in Southern California, I met my first Queen of Manifestation. She came hobbling into the Artist’s Way class, 15 minutes late. Dressed all in purple, including velvet hat — leaning on a crutch. Within five minutes, during the round robin of class introductions, she was sobbing her eyes out. Being originally from Boston, I was simultaneously horrified at the public display — and fascinated by the freedom and authenticity of the expression. Life wasn’t going well for Sharena, she had just moved here from Mt. Shasta, where her boyfriend had just started dating another woman a few short weeks after their breakup. Additionally, she was on crutches because she had injured her knee and there was no-one she could call for help. She chose to move, but missed her big circle of friends. She knew things would improve quickly, but, well, she was in the turbulent throes of transition. She sobbed for what felt like forever. In a room filled with total strangers. Like we were family or something — at a wake. I had never seen anything like it. The teacher of the class handled it beautifully. She simply waited. Having just completed her first book on writing and imagination, our teacher was well acquainted with the artifacts of getting authentic. And she recognized that Sharena was sobbing for all of us — because we were all there to fix something that felt broken in our lives. Our teacher shook her head as I started towards Sharena, but I finally couldn’t take it any more. I moved my chair over and started rubbing her back. Sharena gave me a grateful glance, and slowly started calming herself. Thus began one of the most unlikely and rewarding friendships of my life. And thus began my own journey into becoming a Queen of Manifestation and fully claiming my own blessed and lucky life.

You are blessed and lucky! Right here, right now, today.
You are connected to every living being on this planet.
And you have choices.

Do you feel blessed and lucky? Do you fully embody the reality that you are a co-creator of your own life experience and embrace all the joy that can entail for you?

My dream is that you do and you are reading this book for confirmation of that enjoyable reality. I would like to invite you on a hero’s journey…a journey where you remember your own magnificence. If you’re going through a phase where you’ve forgotten where you put your joy, the examples of manifestation in this book will boost, inspire or at least amuse you. What did you want your life to look like when you were a little kid? How have those dreams evolved and transformed? I’m here to remind you that yes, you are truly blessed and lucky, right here, right now and each and every moment hereafter. Blessed even when there’s pain, or loss, or sorrow. Remember?!
If you are thinking: that sounds great, but I’m not feeling it. I just lost someone I loved and the ache is so much bigger than everything going on around me. I just moved and have no-one around to offer love and support. My job just disappeared and the bills keep coming with the velocity of a tennis ball dispenser. Or I just got diagnosed with something horrific. Maybe life is feeling like a slog through quicksand at the moment and nothing feels joyous, or even tolerable. Maybe you feel “I’m stressed outta my braincells and overbooked beyond my ability to sustain it. None of this feels good in any way, something has definitely got to give.” Excellent! This is exactly the right place to transform! While most of the folks around you are myopically slogging through their own dramas, you are reaching for hope. Brava! There are angels around you applauding your courage. Silent supporters are out there cheering on your victory – the universe is open to responding to your desires. Rarely do we recognize a new chapter emerging so clearly as when we feel cocooned in darkness, fearing the future, and feeling the pain of letting go. My sweet caterpillars, you are becoming butterflies. Your life is about to transform beyond your wildest dreams – and it starts right now, wherever you are.

The Law of Attraction states that:
I will attract to myself whatever I give my attention, focus, or energy to, whether wanted or unwanted.

So many of us have been trained to focus on worst-case scenerios. Especially when life gets … complicated. But you – you are putting the pro in pro-active. You are taking steps to find a better way. You are a hero, a conqueror of your own circumstances! You’ve begun your journey of transformation, much like I did when I elected to take an “Artist’s Way” class several years back.
Now, looking at Sharena’s entrance to our class, you wouldn’t immediately guess that she was a total badass. All that feeling and sharing of what was happening in her life was, in fact, a clearing exercise. But I didn’t know that at the time. I only knew she had things to teach me. I was fascinated by and respected the authenticity, but didn’t realize how powerful it was in it’s own right. I was in for a surprise…
A couple of weeks later, Sharena and I were walking around in La Jolla. She was in her usual, mostly purple, Goddess regalia — I was dressed like one would expect a Bostonian-in-Paradise to dress (conservatively, think Talbots). It was the night of a full moon. We walked along the ocean for a while and talked about how lucky we were to be able to enjoy such beauty and wonder regularly. We appreciated the Dr. Suess trees in Scripps Park and the ocean’s light reflecting off the ocean. We appreciated the gorgeousness of the full moon itself. Sharena taught me a moving meditation in the park, which involved movement, breath and sound. It was an enjoyable night, all about gratitude – noticing what was right about our lives.

As we were walking back to my apartment, she casually mentioned that she had just lost her job and didn’t know where rent was coming from. It was the 20th of the month. There was no hint of panic or fear in her voice. It in no way diminished her feelings of safety and gratitude, it was merely the current reality. She was blithely unconcerned.

“Gosh, Sharena. How scary!” I proclaimed. “Aren’t you worried? What are you going to do?”

Disparaging thoughts danced through my head, like ‘how did she let it get so far’, and ‘how irresponsible’, ‘we’re not in college here’ and a self-righteous sense of “not done” colored my thoughts.

“No biggie” she replied. “Something better will show up – it always does.”


I was a bit skeptical, so I said “Really. What will that look like?” I didn’t mean to sound sarcastic, but I was a bit shocked and horrified. And utterly incredulous.

She looked at me, surprised. “You don’t believe me, do you? “ She giggled a bit and then let me in on a secret.

“Oh! You don’t know. I’m a Queen of Manifestation.
I’m under the protection of a compassionate and generous universe.
My inner guidance will lead me where I need to be. You’ll see. My next job will be in a resort town a lot like this one. Filled with happy people on vacation. Like the gig I had on Maui. It will be a little shop that carries paintings and treasures and when I walk in, the owner will recognize that I’m a perfect fit immediately. I will work 20-30 hours a week and earn enough to cover my expenses, while still having time to be creative. I’ll get to start work at 10 am, so I can sleep in. And it will be fun! I‘ll love it there. And they’ll love me. I’ll make them lots of money. There’s someone out there, right now, looking for someone just like me. We just need to find each other.”

I wryly replied “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

I didn’t have to wait long. Seriously. Maybe about a minute… A block later, I spotted a “Help Wanted” sign on a New Age Art Gallery / store on Prospect Street.

“Wait! That ‘Help Wanted’ sign wasn’t there when we walked by earlier” I cried.

Sharena grinned and waggled her eyebrows. “You’re right! It wasn’t! But it is now.”

“Something like that?” I queried.

She didn’t hear me. She was already crossing the street. I followed her into the store. As she whirled around sighing “wow, it’s gorgeous in here”, the owner of the shop smiled over at us. She came over to tell us she was closing. Sharena told her how much she loved the shop. She asked about the “Help Wanted” sign and talked of her credentials. Within a couple of minutes, the two women were hugging and negotiating. Sharena started work the very next morning. At 10 am.

I felt a wall of logical respectability crumbling inside me. I had never seen anything like *this*. I had seen goal attainment before, but usually only after extensive, exhaustive effort. This was apparently effortless. Magical, even. Instant. It was awe-inspiring. Maybe, just maybe, I could learn something here. Maybe I needed to make way for magic in my own life. Because I could no longer doubt that it had it’s possibilities. And applied well, that it worked.

Now, I admit, we’ve all had similar experiences. Miracles happen in the lives of all of us everyday. The last minute reprieve, the check that arrived just in the nick o’ time, the parking space that opens up when we are in a hurry. The borrowed dress perfect for an occasion we would otherwise have shied away from. But this seemed more … intentional. She seemed to have plucked a miracle out of the ethers as easily as the rest of us might pick an apple off a tree. She did this on purpose, casually, like it was a major part of her everyday life. And it is.
Once we got out of the store, I said “OK — I’m impressed. How did you just do that?”

Sharena smiled, “Do what?” I raised my left eyebrow and she giggled. “Yeah. That was pretty good, wasn‘t it?! Man, that job is going to be great — Sally is going to be the best boss ever! How lucky we are that we were here just as her sign went up. Someone is clearly looking out for me!” She stretched out her arms to the sky and shouted “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

A Queen of Manifestation. Wow. When I grow up, I want to be a Queen of Manifestion.

A few days later. On the phone.

“We just got the cutest treasures into the store! Wait until you see them!” Sharena enthused. “Hand-crafted porcelain clocks in bright, happy colors. They are selling like hotcakes. I’ve told everyone I know to get ‘em while the getting’s good. I love this job! I’m so grateful we found it.”

“About that. How? How exactly did you do it?”

“You were there! You know! Pay attention. You were paying attention, weren’t you?”

“Of course — but I’d like to be able to do this for myself.”

“Silly girl! You already can!”

“Um, no…”

“Pay closer attention” she advised. “Every one does this every day. Think about it. You have. Everyone has.”

In this simple little example, she had shown me everything I needed to know. I just didn’t know it at the time. It took me a few years to break it down and start applying it intentionally to my own life. I didn’t earn my tiara lightly, it took quite a bit of trial and error. Years. But now I’m able to shortcut for you. If we were to break it down, it comes down to a rather simple set of steps. In the pages to come, I’ll be going into extensive detail about each step, the successes, some cautionary tales. But for those who know precisely what they want and wish to get started immediately, I’ll summarize in a moment.

Before we can get to the secrets, I have to acknowledge that Sharena’s example works because she had done a lot of heavy lifting beforehand in the realm of self-worth. She doesn’t block herself by self-eliminating. Whatever she can imagine wanting, she knows that she’s worthy of having it. She recognizes and accepts what shows up, knowing that it will often be even better than she imagined it would be.
Receiving the goodness of the universe and the gifts it provides seemed to come naturally to Sharena, by the time that I met her. Let’s review her first statement:

I’m a Queen of Manifestation. I’m under the protection of a compassionate and generous universe.

Try saying those words out loud to yourself. Perhaps this is challenging, like it was for me. The first time I heard these words, they sounded … well, a little juvenile and ridiculous. The often derogatory (personally, I’ve reframed it to ‘celebratory’) term “magical thinking” comes to mind. My initial reaction was “only 5 year olds think like that”; adults do not. Incredulity poured through my synapses – I could not believe what I was hearing.

But then, Sharena has always had a dramatically different world-view from mine, part of why we fascinate each other. Our only common ground is a commitment to integrity and compassion.

And she said this fully in integrity with herself. I didn’t detect so much as a glimmer of irony or sarcasm. This was stated with utter, unimpeachable sincerity. Sharena not only said these words. She BELIEVED them — completely. She had full faith not only that this was true, but that she specifically was worthy of this benevolence on a perpetual basis. And it worked!!! Immediately! It’s been my privilege to witness this work for her very, very frequently thereafter.

My friend is a very compassionate and generous soul herself. She attracts men to herself like bees to honey — and not because she fits the Western ideal of beauty. She’s 5’2″ and has a “goddessy” shape (as she describes it herself). Her high school job was playing the “Wicked Witch” at “Land of Oz” in Beech Mountain, N.C. She told me how she was picked on for “being ugly” and never really fit in back in North Carolina. Now, here in California (and Maui, her other home), where bikini bodies rule, she attracts just about whomever she wishes to attract with her bold, generous spirit and playful sensuality. She’s just plain fun!!! And fun is a powerful magnet.
Also, if she finds someone interesting or attractive, there’s absolutely no hesitation. She goes right on up to them and tells them exactly what she’s thinking. It’s usually a really great over-the-top compliment. She can tell immediately if she’ll be met by how that compliment is received. Men who are hesitant to own their magnificence usually don’t run in the same circles as she does — so if they are put off, she realizes that they haven’t done the work to meet her at that level. If she’s received well, but still rejected, she lightly dismisses it with “I must not be his flavor of ice cream”.

She rarely disparages herself and NEVER disparages others. She speaks only of the best and most glorious qualities in those around her. She acknowledges reality, but even flaws or “red flags” are noticed and spoken of compassionately, both her own and those of others. She not only thinks that she herself is fabulous, she KNOWS it. Wholeheartedly knows it. She also knows that everyone around her is equally fabulous, if maybe less aware of their own magnificence. She doesn’t try to fit any mold, or follow any fashion, or conform in any way to anyone’s ideals but her own. It took me almost 3 years to notice that she wasn’t as tall as I am (I’m 5′ 9″) — she inhabits space like a movie star must. She admits that she didn’t always feel this way, that it took years of self-work and study to fully embody compassion, authenticity and generosity. The very same traits she attributes to the universe. It’s not an accident.

Sharena is, at all times, ready to receive great gifts from the world around her — and always willing to give of her time, energy, skills and resources generously to empower and help others. It’s easy for her to imagine that the universe is happy to give generously, because she herself is. We inhabit a world that reflects our own inner reality — or more accurately, we are perpetually creating our own lives in our own images (both consciously, and subconsciously).

As within, so without.

Most of us have an easier time with the giving than the receiving — but our society is so skewed towards valuing materialistic acquisitiveness earned through unfailingly tireless work efforts that both giving and receiving are not given much thought at all. Heck, who has TIME to think. We are so busy doing what needs to be done to aspire to wealth ideals that may or may not bring us joy.
Before you assume that Sharena is a Trust Fund Baby with wealth heaped upon her from birth and therefore, the higher development work she’s done is a product of an indulgent lifestyle, let me assure you that’s not the case. Sharena is a massage therapist and sensuality coach, whose thoughts are primarily occupied with “how best can I serve” and “what brings me the most joy?” These concepts are linked in her mind — one and the same thing. She’s convinced that answering one will invariably lead her to the answer to the other.
This book is about using manifestation to help you remember that you are truly blessed and lucky, and able to co-create a better tomorrow whenever the urgency for change comes upon you.