Eight Secrets

This book is about using manifestation to help you remember that you are truly blessed and lucky, and able to co-create a better tomorrow whenever the urgency for change comes upon you. Here are the steps Sharena took to manifest her then-ideal job:


Everything starts and ends with gratitude. Only when you are able to fully enjoy all you have can you be open to take in more. Also, in order to feel comfortable asking, you need to fully own that you are worthy of receiving.


Sharena needed that job. She had a strong desire, her intention was clear, there was some urgency involved. She needed to pay rent. The alternatives were very grim. But she wasn’t desperate. The task was urgent, but she felt supported and not panicky. She was able to have faith that every thing would turn out well, despite the current reality. She knew change was coming and she trusted that change would be good for her. She felt both that anticipatory (slightly nervous) excitement you get prior to the first day at a new school or job, and “no worries”.


When Sharena put her manifestation request / wish / prayer out into the world, she wasn’t wishy-washy or hesitant. She knew what she wanted. She knew *precisely* what she wanted, very specifically articulated details. She got SPECIFIC about her request, no vague wishy-washy bumbling. She got clear, she got focused, she got specific, and she asked for it right out loud. And she wasn’t shy about asking for it. She knew she deserved a good and happy outcome and had no problem making it nice and easy for God / Spirit / Angels / Higher Power to assist her. Un-impeded by Murphy’s Law.


You’ll notice Sharena wasn’t just thinking about herself when she stated her request. She talked of the benefits to the prospective employer. These benefits, this sense of mutual reciprocity to the enhancement of both parties were an essential part of the deal. She focused not only on her desire, but also what she brought to the table. There was no risk of coercion or manipulation of anyone anywhere in her request. No names were stated — just a call for a perfect match of mutual needs. Sharena knew someone would soon be looking for a shop assistant just like her.

  1. FAITH

Have absolute faith that what’s meant to happen to bring this into being is already happening. Trust absolutely that you have been heard, that your prayer has been received and that greater forces are at work matching things up. This is the most important and usually, the most challenging step. Allow your desire to fade into a benign anticipation. You have to transform your desire into a treasure hunt, looking for clues to how your desire is going to show up for you. Trusting, with as much certainty as you can muster, that it’s on it’s way. Once you’ve gotten a few successes under your belt, this phase gets easier.


This is the Treasure Hunt part of the process. Look around for the answer to your prayers. Sharena and I could have walked right past that “Help Wanted” sign without even seeing it — gabbing away, or texting, oblivious to our surroundings. But that is not what happened. We were both looking around, paying attention to what was going on around us. Me, without even being aware of what was possible. Both of us noticed that “Help Wanted” sign. Both of us recognized that we didn’t see it earlier.   Opportunities suddenly started presenting themselves. This happens all the time. You just have to notice it. Chose to notice it.

  1. GRAB IT!

When Sharena saw that sign, she knew it was for her. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t procrastinate or overthink things, she rushed across the street and began to talk to the owner at first opportunity. She didn’t dither or plan or imagine that she wasn’t appropriately dressed, or prepared or ready to present herself. She asked about the job. She talked about her credentials. The owner of the shop said that she recognized Sharena was the right fit immediately. Both of them knew instantly that it was going to be mutually beneficial. Neither hesitated. It was an excellent collaboration for both of them.


Recognize the blessings. Recognize and appreciate the manifestation. Honor your side of the bargain. Share in the blessings that have been given you, so that more can continue to show up. It’s the first, last and most important step of all. Those who steep themselves in gratitude always have much to be grateful for.